Jane | KH Hair Tutbury

Jane | Salon Director [ Senior Stylist Pricing ]

Jane | Salon Director, Front of House & Stylist

I left school at the age of 16 and went to college in Stoke to study hairdressing following in my Mums footsteps. I went to collage once a week and worked the rest of the week in a mother and son run salon called Jean and Antony Nicholson and worked there until I got married and came out of hairdressing to have a family.

I then returned to hairdressing a number of years later, as my daughter Salon Director, Beckie encouraged me to join her and the rest of the team KH Hair Ashbourne.

I did a year’s training at the KH Hair Academy to refresh my hairdressing skills which led to me winning the 3rd year competition and starting a great career at KH Hair

I worked at the Ashbourne salon for a number of years and then 8 years ago myself and Beckie opened KH Hair in Tutbury.

In 2015 I went to London to develop my hairdressing  skills a little more by doing a Vidal Sassoon cutting course.

On a day to basis I’m more front of house and am doing a little less with the scissors.